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The Social Media/Graphic Design Intern will help to collect quality content to be utilized on the MIC-AMPED website and social media pages. 

The Data/Research Intern is responsible for entering data into Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets in a timely fashion, so  data lags are reduced or eliminated and the work gets counted appropriately. This role may be expanded in the future to include recruiting other youth Data Helpers to teach program participatnts new skills in data entry happens.

The Project Management/Logistics Intern will be responsible for ensuring everything on the program prep list gets checked off. Certain programs and events may also require chaperoning and overseeing logistics for Game Changers.

The Civic Engagement/Issue Intern is responsible for helping to educate and inspire youth to get involved in an issue and  create change. Issues should draw on youth interests and activities in their respective schools, communities, churches or organizations that they are especially passionate about leading.

The Health & Wellness Intern is responsible for engaging youth in effective practices that help them improve their mental,  physical, behavioral, financial, sexual, and spiritual health.

The Entrepreneurship & Job Training Intern is responsible for facilitating daily Jr. Achievement curriculum, introduce youth to innovative ways of viewing social entrepreneurship, and how to turn their passions into a profit.

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