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We are actively seeking mentors, volunteers, guest speakers, and community partners to empower low-income youth of color become active participants in our global community and amplify their voices.


We are seeking innovative, ambitious, young thought leaders  excited about working with youth. Short-term and long-term opportunities are available for individuals interested in Social Media/Graphic Design, Data/Research, Civic Engagement, Health and/or Wellness,  Entrepreneurship and Project Management. Join us in helping Adolescents Make Positive Educated Decisions!


Become a Mentor

The need for mentors for our youth around the world is critical. Today, student’s are faced with a multitude of challenges spanning from education, life skills, entrepreneurial dexterity, and cultural competency. Modernization and globalization challenge our youth, especially at-risk youth to adapt faster in order to be successful in the current competitive global climate. When you become a mentor, you increase youth’s aptitude in multiple areas to be leaders in their community and controllers of their futures.


Be a Guest Speaker

Speak to youth of color about the challenges and successes you have experienced or introduce a new skill to help develop a new generation of social entrepreneurs, community leaders, and global Game Changers.


Partner With Us

Community partnerships are integral to MIC-AMPED's mission to connect youth to a continuum of opportunities and resources to develop their leadership skills and explore pathways in art, culture, and education. Be part of our movement to engage youth as generational poverty cycle breakers to serve as innovative  generational wealth builders through leadership and social entrepreneurship.