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We are actively seeking mentors, volunteers, guest speakers, and community partners to empower low-income youth of color become active participants in our global community and amplify their voices.


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Become a Mentor

The need for mentors for our youth around the world is critical. Today, student’s are faced with a multitude of challenges spanning from education, life skills, entrepreneurial dexterity, and cultural competency. Modernization and globalization challenge our youth, especially at-risk youth to adapt faster in order to be successful in the current competitive global climate. When you become a mentor, you increase youth’s aptitude in multiple areas to be leaders in their community and controllers of their futures.


Be a Guest Speaker

Speak to youth of color about the challenges and successes you have experienced or introduce a new skill to help develop a new generation of social entrepreneurs, community leaders, and global Game Changers.


Partner With Us

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