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Amplifying Youth Voices

The youth of New Orleans and the African Diaspora should be given intentional opportunities to become contributors to society through an innovative variety of pathways of engagement.

MIC-AMPED is a cultural community collaborative center of learning that provides opportunity for community development and social enterprise for young people who have a vision, desire and passion to be contributors to their respective and global communities by being movement builders and change the game of the social, economic and cultural landscapes of their communities.

Join us in building the next generation of Game Changers!



"It's not enough words to express how a chance meeting with Le'Kedra changed not only my son's life but mine as well.  Sanjay was bullied in school for being gay and had severe self-esteem issues.  He expressed that kids would pretend to be his friend and then talk about him behind his back.  He expressed he really wanted people to like him.  When he signed up for MIC-AMPED, Sanjay was skeptical about the kids and the staff.  He was afraid of another group of individuals teasing and bullying him.  After his first day, Sanjay was excited about being a Game Changer, but most of all acceptance from his peers.  He constantly talked about how the staff was lovable and he was happy to be a part of it. I was excited and had to see for myself.  After my first meeting, I started volunteering and fell in love with the organization.  We love MIC-AMPED and appreciate all they do for the kids and community."
- Sedaka (MIC-AMPED Parent)
New Orleans
South Africa
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